[LGM] Proposal to postpone LGM to next year

Timothée Giet animtim at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 22:52:59 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,

Thank you Mitch for raising the topic, and to those who already replied.
It is very useful input.

Indeed, the next day after the last meeting, we (the local team) were
discussing if it would be better to cancel LGM for this year... But we
decided to go on with the decision taken at the end of the meeting to
wait one more month before taking a final decision...

Now that we have more feedback from the community, it looks more clear
to me that it would be wiser to postpone to next year.

About the waste of effort mentioned by Frank, I feel it would be less
waste to postpone the event to next year than to wait-and-see longer.

And about the idea to make it an online-only event, we are not really
interested, as a big part of the value of LGM is the physical meeting.
We don't think that making it virtually would be really interesting.

I didn't get answer from the others of the local team today, but I feel
it's better to answer already, at least with my personal point of view.

So, I propose to officially cancel the LGM in Rennes for this year, and
to postpone it to next year. Please let us know what you think about it,
and if the majority agrees I'm sure we will proceed in this direction.


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