[Libreoffice-qa] Assigning Bugs

Rainer Bielefeld LibreOffice at bielefeldundbuss.de
Wed Aug 3 01:55:24 PDT 2011


yesterday at the IRC Bug Hunting Session Kohei Yoshida and Markus 
Mohrhard showed up a little problem:

If a bug will be ASSIGNED to a particular developer, his coworkers also 
active for the same Component (CALC) can not know whether the assignee 
really will fix the bug soon or whether it would be more expedient to 
take over.

For now we agreed on Markus' proposal that for CALC assignations 
normally should be for Kohei, but Status should remain NEW. Until the 
Bug will be accepted by changing status to ASSIGNED, the assignee has 
not started work on the bug, and coworkers are invited to take over.

An alternative might be other way round: to ASSIGN leaving assignee on 
default. The advantage is to avoid that bucko exclamation mark "hey, you 
guy, fix this bug immediately". Disadvantage is that no developer will 
get an e-mail. Until we can be sure that developers every morning run a 
Bugzilla Query "Assigned bugs on my turf" that kind of assignation imho 
would be too arbitrary.

I believe until we have a final decision that proceeding also might be a 
good solution for other Components, we should follow Markus' proposal.

After discussion in the next TSC call I will leave a comment in the Wiki.

Kind regards


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