[Libreoffice-qa] automation tool for smoke test qa. (alpha)

Yifan Jiang yfjiang at novell.com
Thu Aug 4 02:21:28 PDT 2011

Dear fellow QA,

We've been working on a full automatic test tool aiming on continuously
testing the latest libreoffice build from <dev-build.libreoffice.org>. Namely
the script wants to help you check, download, install and do some very basic
somketest on the latest build.

The current downloadable tool is here:


It is still in develpment phase, but I would like to share this at the moment
for your information. If interested, would you read through the following,
find a machine and run the tool. Your ideas, feedbacks, requirements and
contribution are very welcome.

Any bugs report/feature requests, please let me know via email for now (I'll
handle bug report in bugzilla after the tool is push to git).

The mailing list will be informed when new versions come (soon).


The tool is designed to be availble working with both daily and pre release
build located in dev-build.libreoffice.org.

The purpose of daily build testing is obvious, we want to catch bugs as early
as possible:) some ideas canbe found here:


For the purpose of smoketest for pre release testing, currently there is an
about 24 hrs lag syncing RC build from dev-build to official site. We need to
guarantee at least the very basic function working before more people download
the RC build from official site and play with it, in as short as 24 hrs.

The tool is named as losmoketest for its purpose, meanwhile it help you to
check, download and install the latest build. By the fact the installation is
designed not to be different from manually doing these repeated work, the
installed libreoffice build can also be good for manual test.

The tool


    - Python > 2.6

    - A machine free to play (The test may *override* your existed
    libreoffice3.4 installation).

    - On Linux, add the following line in /etc/sudoer:


      where $USER is your real user name. With this line, every command
      initialed with `sudo` will not be asked to input a password. Please
      consider by yourself the security risk brought by it.

[Features Availability]

    Full features are implemented on Linux x86 and x86_64, rpm and deb:

        - Checking and dowloading the latest build
        - Install the latest build
        - Run smoke test on the build (not stable)

    Partial features are implemented on Windows:

        - Checking and dowloading the latest build
        - Install the latest build (Thanks *blip* help find out the command for silent install)

    Partial features are implemented on Mac:

        - Checking and dowloading the latest build    


    1. Test the latest pre releases build:

           $ cd /path/to/losmoketest
           $ ./losmoketest.py                 # Test the latest pre releases build:
           $ ./losmoketest.py -t daily_master # Test the latest daily master build 
           $ ./losmoketest.py -t daily_branch # Test the latest daily branch build (now 3.4)

    2. Just Install the latest LOCAL build:

           $ cd /path/to/losmoketest
           $ ./losmoketest.py -i                  # Install the latest pre releases build in losmoketest/_download
           $ ./losmoketest.py -i -t daily_master  # Install the latest daily master build in losmoketest/_download
           $ ./losmoketest.py -i -t daily_branch  # Install the latest daily branch build (now 3.4) in losmoketest/_download

    3. Just Verify the installed build:

           $ cd /path/to/losmoketest
           $ ./losmoketest.py -v

    4. More tips in:

           $ cd /path/to/losmoketest
           $ ./losmoketest.py -h

[Tested on]

    - SLED 11 sp1 x86
    - SLED 11 sp1 x86_64
    - OpenSuSE 11.4 x86    
    - Ubuntu 10.10 x86           


    1. verify_smoketest() improvement (replace it with more simple script
      rather than complicated cppunittester)

    2. add logging system

    3. 'git' it when we have a stable code base

    4. handling mac and windows build

[Known issue]

    1. The cppunittest performs not quite stable in different libreoffice
       build, some times it just hangs there without noticing :(

    2. The version tag is desired to get dynamically. The current hard coded
       3.4 is not reliable, especially not reliable when verify_smoketest()
       tries to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

    3. Parallel installation with official build has a dependancy on Tinderbox
       improvement (the dev-build is ideally to be installed on something like

Best wishes,

  Yifan Jiang
  Libreoffice / SuSE
  Contact: yifan - irc.freenode.net/libreoffice

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