[Libreoffice-qa] Need Help to complete QA-FAQ

Rainer Bielefeld LibreOffice at bielefeldundbuss.de
Fri Aug 19 01:35:29 PDT 2011

Alexander Thurgood schrieb:

> Nice work


thank you!

> 1) What happens to reports that don't fit any of the predefined
> categories ?

I'll have to think about that. Currently I want to get it ready for the 
issues with Subcategory, I'm currently using that page for my research 
and Bug submission and add one by one. It will be simple to create an 
additional Template for "Category without Subcat.". Additionally I am 
thinking about a general solution for that ugly %20 Problem within the 
Cubcats with a blank in it.

> 2) Are we supposed to complete (i.e. QA), say, the existing reports that
> don't have these keywords in their summaries ?

I recommend to do that "by the way", common key words ease queries very 
much. But currently I would not do bulk changes, because some of the 
Subcat. key words might be unintuitive or have other disadvantages. 1 
Example for such thoughts: I would have preferred "Spell Check", but 
that would not find spellcheck, so I decided to use the universal 
"SPELL". Currently my Wiki skills are not good enough to create a 
general solution finding "spell check" and "spellcheck" with key work 
"Spell check".

Thank you for your feedback


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