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Loic Dachary loic at dachary.org
Mon Aug 29 09:05:45 PDT 2011

On 08/29/2011 05:29 PM, Rainer Bielefeld wrote:
> Hello Loic,
> on <http://dachary.org/?p=838> I saw some new features that exceed the capabilities I expected. So we have to think about possible uses and consequences.
> Some concerns in before.
> A) When I started to think about possibilities to ease Bugzilla use I expected something creating URL-links as I use on <http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/BugReport_Details>. That's no intervention into the Bugzilla system, I do not think that approval of Freedesktop.org is required.
> If the features you show need some deeper intervention into Bugzilla's guts (to be honest, I do not know what you are doing there), may be we should ask for permission. But It seems you did not read available components from Bugzilla (a test Component I created in Bugzilla did not appear in your pulldown).
I manually entered the components and subcomponents, because I did not know where to find their source. If the components are edited in bugzilla, I'll use it as a source. Is there a reference list for the subcomponents ? Or are they authoritative in http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/BugReport_Details ? What about the list of versions ?

In any case the page will only lookup data in bugzilla and not insert or edit anything.
> B) May be they get a new Bugzilla version, may be TDF decides to use a new own Bug tracking system next year (I don't believe, but you never know), we should hold the Assistant as simple and flexible as possible so that it can be adapted to new challenges.
I agree.
> Some Questions:
> A) Do you use "merchantable" links (as you see on BugReport_Details) for data transfer or some more sophisticated tricks?
I don't know what you mean by "merchantable links" (I'm a native french speaker ;-).
> My results from Test
> a) It seems you wanted to test to create a Bugzilla submission page with preselected Component and Subcomponent from "Assistant Frontend"? I selected "Writer - Configuration" and that has been transferred successfully to Bugzilla clicking "Daten absenden".
Yes, that's what I tried.
> I prefer to terminate the Subcomponent entry with ": ", what invites to complete the Subject line. Also if that will be done in the Frontend the Subcompnent should be terminated so, but user should be allowed to change that later to get something similar to a sentence into the subject line.
> b) It seems after Selection of Subcomponent a list of Existing LibO Bugs with that Component / Subcomponent will be read from Bugzilla and shown "somehow modified" in the Frontend? Interesting feature, but currently I believe it's more useful to show the normal Bugzilla listing, because there more data is shown and because it might be necessary to Edit the search (too many hits ...). 
The tradeoff is about a) showing a hand made list of bugs matching the subcomponent with links to the actual bugs within the bug assistant and b) showing the actual bugzilla page in another page. Pros: a) the user does not need to navigate away from the bug assistant while browsing the existing bugs, with b) the user can explore the existing bugs using the usual bugzilla queries instead of using a hand made query navigation. Cons: a) more code to maintain, b) no user friendly way to navigate back to the bug assistant (or at least none that I can think of).

Note that I'm only stating the technical constraints and that I have no preference. Designing the user interface for the bug assistant is beyond my abilities: I'm notoriously bad at guessing what people will find "easy" or "intuitive". I will be happy to implement whatever you think useful (provided it's not too challenging technically speaking ;-).
> But of course it might be useful to show a limited number of Search results. After a new release often many users report the same bug within short time, and it might prevent from wasting user's time if he gets the last 15 reports for that Component / Subcomponent. If he sees that the bug already has been reported, he can stop his report. We will have to think about that.
> d) I did not understand very much from info on <http://dachary.org/?p=838>, I do not know what "It is not possible to use theJS implementation" might mean for our project.
You can ignore that. I was acknowledging a dead end trying to use the REST bugzilla frontend which is only available in versions more recent than the one currently running at freedesktop.


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