[Libreoffice-qa] [Libreoffice] New Windows tinderbox: Windows 2008R2

Rimas Kudelis rq at akl.lt
Tue Nov 29 00:41:34 PST 2011


2011.11.29 10:15, Rainer Bielefeld rašė:
> Rainer Bielefeld schrieb:
>>> GUID) aren't possible with MSI. If what Rainer wants is to have stable
>>> version of LibreOffice installed along with a testing version,
> Or more precisely:
> I have 10 ... 20 Master versions on my PC so that I can check where a
> regression came into the code.
> That could be done with the MinGW builds, but they are new and still
> lousy buggy, it will still cost some time until they will be in a
> shape that the can be used for "real life" tests.

Well, possible solutions I can think of:

a) use GUID #1 for rc/release builds, GUID #1 or #2 for betas, and a
random GUID for each nightly. One drawback here is that you would not be
able to check that installation over an already existing installation
works correctly in nightlies.
b) it's probably possible to provide zip/xz/whatever archives of nightly
builds along with the installer. This would allow you to test everything
except installation of LibO, having as many parallel LibreOffices as you

Either way, you should probably file this problem in bugzilla or relay
it to the build people, cause I'm just talking – they are the ones who
will have to solve it.


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