[Libreoffice-qa] db test VM

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Thu Oct 27 12:08:11 PDT 2011

Michael Meeks píše v Čt 27. 10. 2011 v 16:10 +0100:
> > Now for today I would like to actually get testtool running in
> > interactive mode - i.e start testtool, load one of the .bas test and
> > have it execute (as of right now that last step fails for every test
> > script I've tried. It gives an error323 when it jumps into the first
> > include file in the script...)
> 	The general consensus I've heard in development is that maintaining
> testtool (particularly as we change the UI) is going to be increasingly
> problematic. It is also rather a creaky pile.

IMHO, nobody has maintained the testtool scripts in Libreoffice and
nobody ran them for LO-3.4. They probably can't even be started, see:

LibreOffice developers prefer to write unit tests that are proceed
during compilation.

Stefan Bergman has recently enabled subsequent test[1] that need the
installed LO. They could be written in Java and C++. I guess that they
are supposed to replace the problematic testtool. I wonder if you could
write the Base test this way as well.

> 	:-) Noel is prolly a good contact there.

IFAIK, Noel tried to fix the two above mentioned bugs. Then he put it
aside as nobody was really interested into it. IMHO, it does not make
sense to have working testtool if nobody maintains the test scripts.

Debugging the testtool scripts is time consuming and a kind of
nightmare. This is why developers prefer the unit and subsequent tests.

> 	I (for one) was hoping that with openQA we could do a similar level of
> UI testing, but based on what actually shows up rendered on the screen
> (OCR'd) and that this might be more robust, and provide a fresh start
> here that doesn't have testtool's problems.

Yi Fan did some investigation. It seems that openQA does not support any
OCR. It probably just compares md5-sums of screenshot of the whole
screen. I am afraid that this approach is not usable for LO because it
is hard to maintain. Any different pixel will invalidate the test.


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