[Libreoffice-qa] minutes for the LibreOffice QA call 2012-04-06 1400UTC

Bjoern Michaelsen bjoern.michaelsen at canonical.com
Fri Apr 6 10:55:03 PDT 2012

Hi all,

here are the minutes for the LibreOffice QA call on:

 Friday, 2012-04-06 1400UTC

attending: Rainer Bielefeld, Florian Reisinger, Petr Mladek, Jan Holesovsky
(Kendy), Bjoern Michaelsen

 * pending action items
  - Update/Create active triagers wiki page (Cor/Rainer)
  - Publish Rainers charts'n data on blog/planets (Cor)
AA  poke infra to add Rainers Blog to planet (Bjoern)
  - collect further ideas for spending a dedicated resource (Cor/Rainer)
    -> blocked: to get a concise list need to make a CaseConductor/Litmus

  - Set Cor up with the Community/Forum maintainers at the distros
    to better propagate Hackfests, Bug Hunting Sessions etc.
    RedHat, Debian, Gentoo still missing

  - Walkthrough setup at Hackfest to find out what need better docs
  - Setting up a ready-to-go VirtualBox with everything installed would be
    cool (Bjoern/Korrawit?)
  - automated test docs: really straightforward for Calc, just needs more
    CSV test documents (all)

 * completed action items
  - Check if test documents are URLs properly distributed to Checkbox (Bjoern)
    URLs are there, but they are not hyperlinked
  - Set Cor up with the Community/Forum maintainers at the distros
    Ubuntu: done, SUSE: done (Bjoern, Petr)

 * structured manual testing
  - tests are in checkbox
  - Call for Testing is out:
AA  Blog about this refering to checkbox for Ubuntu and Litmus for others (Bjoern)
  - CaseConductor evaluation
    - Sophie Gaultier did some great research:
      - CaseConductor now called MozTrap, to raise confusion
      - would need more permissions/roles to investigate in Mozillas staging instance
    - Petr also had a look:
      - a bit confusing at first
      - but a lot nicer/modern than Litmus
      - might be easier if setup properly
    - our own instance probably the way to go as we need an admin for it in the
      end anyway
    - forward to infra to get a staging instance setup (Sophie/Bjoern)
  - Rainer: we need better documentation on the "why" of Litmus/MozTrap
    - wiki pages contain a lot of detailed information about the how, but
      little on the why
    - important topic to get started on the Hackfest
  - Kendy: Need for regular manual testing for update scenarios
    - in theory classical example case for Litmus/MozTrap
    - also still for 3.5 release series
AA  - write testcase in Litmus (Kendy)
    - given the limited current reach of Litmus, we might propagate in blogs
  - we really need to make structured manual a lot more visible for 3.6

 * bugwrangling
   - bugwrangling documentation (Florian)
     - current bug wrangling docs are to complex (Florian)
     - wiki docs are ad-hoc and it shows (Rainer)
AA   - good old plain document for bugwrangling beginners is in the works (Rainer/Florian)
AA   - discuss this along with other wiki cleanup at the Hackfest (Rainer/Bjoern)
     - get the documentation team involved maybe? (Rainer)
     - in the wiki rework also consider entry points from ask.libreoffice.org (Bjoern)
   - generic bug tagging
     - currently not a pressing issue (Rainer)
     - in general whiteboard status is good for this (Petr)
     - tagging in summary might cause trouble (Bjoern)
       (::rtl::OUString bugs vs. Right-To-Left bugs for example)
     - agreement that the 50 current RTL bugs are not that problematic yet
     - for the future we should prevent summary tagging to become a custom
     - also excessive summary tags cause trouble in bugmail (Petr)
AA   - bulk change remove EasyHack from summary, make that whiteboard tagging only (Rainer)
   - Florian setup a VirtualBox image for Linux regression testing
     - Ubuntu precise/12.04
     - has LibreOffice 3.5.x and LibreOffice 3.4.x with Rainer parallel
       installation script
AA   - provide Florian with a LibreOffice 3.3 build for this
     - publishing VirtualBox somewere for broader audience (Bjoern)
AA     - needs webspace (Bjoern)
     - Florian cannot be at the Hackfest
AA     - meet up remotely (IRC/Skype), find time/date (Rainer/Bjoern)

 * automated testing
   - Regina Herschel and Markus Mohnhard will be at the Hackfest, looking
     forward for good progress there

 * bibisect for 3.5 release branch and 3.6 master
AA - provide 3.5 release and 3.6 master bibisect updates

 * next call:

  Friday, 2012-04-20 14:00UTC

Corrections and additions most welcome. I am most happily surprised by Florian
showing up and also having an interesting project at hand!

See most of you at the Hackfest in Hamburg!



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