[Libreoffice-qa] Office XP/2003, 2007/2010 formats import/export -- most used feature.

dE . de.techno at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 06:34:26 PDT 2012

Hello everyone!

The MAB has been chaotic lately... actually it turned out that I didn't 
get a lot of mails and missed out a lot of comments following the LONG 
discussion in the bug... so sorry about that, I noticed them now.

What I've been trying to add to MAB are broken import/export 
features/regressions of Office XP/2003, 2007/2010 formats. Everyone 
should realize that this's the most important and features of LO, 
without which it's adoption is impossible.

No one uses ODF... any non-IT personal uses Office XP/2003, 2007/2010 
formats, and that's apparent when you search for docs on the web.
Yes, nowadays most of them are PDF, but next comes doc/docx/ppt/pptx etc...
Whatever documents you get in ODF, are IT related, on top of that it's 
the rarest possible case you get one.

In enterprise environments, this's always the case.

For libreoffice to be used anywhere except for IT environments, the 
Office XP/2003, 2007/2010 format import/export should be perfect, 
otherwise the software cannot be adopted by any chance.

You can take a hint form commercial products, they always advertise 
support for Office XP/2003, 2007/2010 formats, cause they know it's the 
most important feature.

And as of the current time, there're regressions over regressions in 
this field. Since the OOo fork, i/o bugs have boomed in the bugzilla and 
everyone's complaining about it.

It's very easy to get hands on documents which do not open/open 
incorrectly in LO. LO even breaks existing Office XP/2003, 2007/2010 
formats causing data loss. Imagine someone sending a .docx saved via 
libreoffice which does not open or opens wrongly formatting in MS 
office... he'll come to know about that bug when it's too late, this's 
surely going to make um leave LO at that moment.

These bugs are more critical than a few crashes and I estimate there're 
~200 bugs in LO's bugzilla alone.

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