[Libreoffice-qa] Bug Triage best practice: Change or not change assignee?

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Tue Apr 24 07:54:23 PDT 2012

Nino Novak píše v Út 24. 04. 2012 v 12:14 +0200:
> Hi Guys,
> can we have a decision in this matter? 

> So, please, for meritocratic reasons, Bjoern and Rainer, I believe it's up to 
> you to decide. (Or is ESC or whatever tdf Board the right gremium? I don't 
> know)

There is strong conflicting opinion between Bjoern and Rainer. I suggest
to decide this on the ESC or QA meeting.

My personal view is the following:

I think that both Bjoern and Rainer have good points. I see Bjoern's
view as too idealistic. I prefer to keep it as is because:

	+ to much shuffling with many fields just cause extra work and
          complicated processes
	+ people, forget to set other fields, e.g. version,
          architecture; we can't expect that will set assigned filed
          correctly; it might be intuitive but people are just lazy
	+ I havn't seen any confusion about who is the needinfo
          provider, so I do not see any real benefit; yes, it might
          motivate the provider but it also creates problems when she
          never provides it; IMHO, the best motivation is to close the
          bug and ask the reporter to reopen it if she provides the
          requested information
	+ wrongly assigned bugs just causes confusion; typical problem
          of the ideal solution is that the bug remains assigned to QA
          when it is reopened during verification; sometimes the
          developer is not in CC

BTW: There was wrongly described Novell bugzilla. In fact, it has the
best solution, I have ever seen, for this particular problem. It has
heavily modified the interface. If you set the state NEEDEINFO, it shows
inputbox where you are forced to enter name of the infoprovider. The bug
remains assigned to the same person as it was before, so the info
provider does not need to think whom to assign the bug back. She just
removes the NEEDEINFO state by pressing a checkbox. So, the right
handling is intuitive, friendly and enforced.

Best Regards,

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