[Libreoffice-qa] Help offered and needed to debug crash with PDF export on Windows [Bug 47511]

Roman bugs at eikota.de
Sat Apr 28 07:48:34 PDT 2012

Hi there,

can someone who has got some experience with Windows debugging please
have a look at

   Bug 47511 - PDF: Writer: exporting a document as pdf file
   will crash Writer

? I write about that bug to this list not (only) because of this bug
itself (there are some similar or maybe duplicate issues, e.g. 46256)
but rather because the user who originally reported this problem
(codevisio at gmail.com) offers us his/her help for debugging this issue
(see comment #6). Given the fact that codevisio at gmail.com is a software
developer (see comment #2), this help may be really important.

So, could someone who has got experience with Windows debugging please
contact codevisio at gmail.com (via a comment in the bug report or directly
by email) and check if it is possible to provide this user with a debug
build or whatever may be useful to track down this issue?

IMHO there is a good chance (given the user's long and friendly comments
#2 and #6) that -- if we can give codevisio at gmail.com a good cooperative
experience -- we could win another experienced person who could be a
real help with further LibreOffice QA testing and debugging. This would
be much more important than the particular issue the bug report is
about, of course.

Thank you very much,


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