[Libreoffice-qa] Fwd: [tdf-announce] The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 3.6 with a wealth of new features and improvements

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at suse.com
Thu Aug 9 09:44:13 PDT 2012

Hi Timur,

On Thu, 2012-08-09 at 15:27 +0200, Timur Gadzo wrote:
> I find that there should be an explanation in MAB 3.6. when exactly
> will fixes for bugs resolved in "LibreOffice 3.5 most annoying bugs"
> be included in LO 3.6.

	Right; that's not clear. Personally I prefer a rather shorter, more
motivating and easy-to-read list of serious blockers myself; so I like
the current state :-)

> It is clear that at the beginning bugs list should contain only bugs
> which are *new* in LibreOffice 3.6, but at some time, while some fixes
> from MAB 3.5 are integrated in the code, there is a decision on what
> to do with the remaining unfixed bugs from a branch (3.5).


> The point is: a corporate user who wants to use 3.6 only when it has
> all those fixed bugs in the code should now when to use it.
> "[tdf-announce] The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 3.6 .."
> says "More conservative users should stick with LibreOffice 3.5.". It
> should be explained until when.

	Sure - so a corporate user should be paying for L3 support via a local
partner - so they can have whatever bugs they want fixed when they want
them fixed :-)

> Is it at some specific version, or when a line reaches Recommended
> part of  3.6 at
> http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/File:LibOReleaseLifecycle.png?

	Sure - the recommendation changes as we move through the point



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