[Libreoffice-qa] Fwd: [tdf-announce] The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 3.6 with a wealth of new features and improvements

Timur Gadzo gtimur at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 03:16:20 PDT 2012

> On Thu, 2012-08-09 at 15:27 +0200, Timur Gadzo wrote:
>> I find that there should be an explanation in MAB 3.6. when exactly
>> will fixes for bugs resolved in "LibreOffice 3.5 most annoying bugs"
>> be included in LO 3.6.
> 	Right; that's not clear. Personally I prefer a rather shorter, more
> motivating and easy-to-read list of serious blockers myself; so I like
> the current state :-)

I'm asking for EXPLANATION in the first post when will FIXES for bugs
resolved in MAB 3.5 be included in LO 3.6 CODE.
Adding unresolved bugs from MAB 3.5 to MAB 3.6 is another issue.

>> The point is: a corporate user who wants to use 3.6 only when it has
>> all those fixed bugs in the code should now when to use it.
>> "[tdf-announce] The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 3.6 .."
>> says "More conservative users should stick with LibreOffice 3.5.". It
>> should be explained until when.
> 	Sure - so a corporate user should be paying for L3 support via a local
> partner - so they can have whatever bugs they want fixed when they want
> them fixed :-)

Can you please point me to the list of local partners and an
explanation of support layers? I didn't see it on the page.
Although I don't think this can really work like this: pay local
partner to fix all those MABs.

Timur_LOL wrote
> It is clear that at the beginning bugs list should contain only bugs
> which are *new* in LibreOffice 3.6, but at some time, while some fixes
> from MAB 3.5 are integrated in the code, there is a decision on what
> to do with the remaining unfixed bugs from a branch (3.5).
It is not a big surprise that 3.5MAB has already 3.4MAB bugs imported. Now,
most of them will become 3.6MAB, which is ridiculous.

I compared MAB 3.4 and MAB 3.5. Some bugs are on both lists. That's
not really consistent.
Bug36547 (DUPLICATE of Bug33591, which is FIXED, Whiteboard:
target:3.6.0 target:3.5.3)   Bug37024 (FIXED, Whiteboard: target:3.4.5
target:3.5.1 target:3.6.0beta0)   Bug37561 (FIXED, Whiteboard: )
Bug40482 (FIXED, Whiteboard: target:3.4.5 target:3.5.0beta3
target:3.6.0beta0)    Bug43867 (FIXED, Whiteboard: BSA)  Bug45078
(DUPLICATE of Bug40289, which is NEW)
I will delete Bug36547, add Bug33591, delete Bug45078, add Bug40289 in MAB 3.5.

Some bugs have Whiteboard filled, while others don't. Reiner informed
me that since some months developers use a script what will
automatically add the target function to the whiteboard when the fix
will be committed to the code. In early times that had to be added
manually, what was not very reliable. Even today sometimes the
developer makes a mistake and so the target info might be missing. I
think it should be updated at least for those MAB 3.5. So, if a bug in
MAB 3.5 has "Whiteboard: target:3.5.x" does it mean it's already in
3.6 branch?

Finaly, I understand that there are bugs. I just want to switch to LO
3.6 only when all fixes from 3.5 branch are added to 3.6 branch, if I
put it correctly. Is it already done with 3.6.0, or it will be done
with 3.6.1, or...?

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