[Libreoffice-qa] Base -> database -> registration

Jochen oooml at jochenschiffers.de
Wed Aug 22 13:56:39 PDT 2012

Hi *

On the German discuss-ML we are currently discussing following questions:
If a database-file (odb-file) is opened must this database be registered 
in LibreOffice? We have observed that some people can´t use a odb-file 
without registration in LO (LO 3.5.5 and LO 3.6.1; OS: Windows).

Further questions are:
What opportunities are there, anyway?
How is the target direction, i.e. what is the normal procedure?

IMHO an non-registered database must not result in an error like an 
error (non-usability) or even crash/destroy data (= bug). Either this 
odb-file will be processed (user friendliest solution) or it is a 
message that this odb-file must be registered first (= feature).

What ist your opinion?

Should I create a bugreport?



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