[Libreoffice-qa] NEEDINFO Status

Rainer Bielefeld LibreOffice at bielefeldundbuss.de
Sat Aug 25 02:30:16 PDT 2012

Joel Madero schrieb:

> when we actually put a bug into NEEDINFO status we put a comment that
> has a small blurb on our procedure. Something like "we have put this bug
> in NEEDINFO status because we need you to provide.....we will leave the
> bug in this status for 6 months


that's to long. Be sure, the info provider will answer within a week or 
never. So it's common sense that a bug can be closed after 10-14 days if 
there is no answer and if it can be expected that it will not be 
possible to reproduce the bug with acceptable costs without denied info. 
I use Reminderfox and add a reminder (10 days later) for all Bugs I set 
to NEEDINFO, after 10 days (or later, workload ...) I close those bugs 
INVALID if there was no reply.

But sometimes there is additional discussion, users try to reproduce and 
so on and such bugs sink into oblivion. For those bugs Florinan' 
suggested PLEASETEST-reminder (what has not been accepted) might have 
had the advantage that a query would have been very easy.

I recommend that we agree to a standard sentence like "This bug will be 
closed after 14 days if requested information will not be provided. 
Additional information concerning the reasons for this proceeding and 
how you can reopen this Bug you can find at <jttp://...Wiki...>" , to be 
inserted by copy /paste from Wiki.

I strongly agree with Joel's suggestion to have a time limit in the 
Comment related to NEEDINFO status change.

Best regards


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