[Libreoffice-qa] NEEDINFO Status

Roman Eisele qalists at eikota.de
Sun Aug 26 02:49:57 PDT 2012

Am 25.08.12 14:21, schrieb Bjoern Michaelsen:
> In general, I agree -- the quicker handling of these incomplete bugs avoids the
> trouble that the reporter thinks everyting is fine with it and gets angry if it
> get closed much later. However, while 10 days is usually enough, I would extend
> to maybe 30 days to allow for things like "reporter on vacation" etc.

If this is some kind of presidential pre-election ;-), here is my vote 
;-): I would prefer 30 days, because of two reasons:

a) I agree with Rainer that most reporters who do not respond in 14 days 
will respond never, but I have seen some exceptions, really; but waiting 
forever is no alternative; therefore, I would regard 1 month as a good 

b) Björn's "reporter on vacation" etc. argument seems convincing to me.



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