[Libreoffice-qa] [libreoffice-accessibility] Adding "Accessibility" component to Bug Assistant

Rainer Bielefeld LibreOffice at bielefeldundbuss.de
Thu Aug 30 21:36:39 PDT 2012

Ti tengo d'occhio schrieb:

> in my opinion it would be great to have a component for accessibility;
> it could let developers to better focus on accessibility bugs and, on
> the other hand, blind people to know that accessibility is important for
> this project and that submitting bug reports of this type is more than
> encouraged…


the advantage of an "Accessibility" Component would be that it can 
easily be selected from a pulldown, no typos or other mistakes can 
happen.But a problem is that an "Accessibility" Component would not 
indicate what developer might be the one who can fix the problem. So it 
always would be replaced during the bug triaging and fixing process.

An other possibility would be a Whiteboard entry, but that only can be 
done after a report in a second step, typos might happen, it is too modest.

So I currently think about a Bug Submission Assistant enhancement. We 
can add a checkbox "Accessibility affected", and the Assistant will add 
a) as additional pseudo key word to the Bug Summary line. The advantage 
of this solution is that the key word would be very visible.
b) as additional pseudo key word to the whiteboard
or will
c) set Key word "Accessibility" to the Keyword pane (it should not be a 
problem to get this new key word from FDO). The advantae of this 
solution is that it also eases and unifies handling in Bugzilla itself, 
not only via BSA.

And of course
d) New Component "Accessibility"
still can be discussed.

My order of preference (descending):
c - a - b - d

Your opinion?

When we have a solution here, we can start to mark and process 
accessibility bugs with increased priority.

Best regards


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