[Libreoffice-qa] No daily/master builds for Mac OS X ...

Thorsten Behrens thb at documentfoundation.org
Wed Dec 5 08:13:26 PST 2012

Roman Eisele wrote:
> >Since yesterday, I have taken the @27 box to do a late feature,
> >sorry for that -
> Right now, @27 is green. Does this mean that I can get a new daily
> build again? Or is @27 doing something else?
Yeps, set this box on to the libreoffice-4-0 branch, hope there's a
daily soon - the successful master build failed to upload, I tweaked
the push script locally, let's see if that helps (upload
connectivity seems to be a tad flaky on that box)

> > we could surely do with a few more mac boxes going forward.
> Definitely true. Maybe we need to change the perspective. It is not
> me who needs a new daily build; I can think of many other ways to
> spend my time besides testing LibreOffice ;-)
Roman, I wasn't suggesting anything else. ;) Your help is much

In fact, I've posted a request for build hardware, and Mac
specifically, to Marc's budget input email a while ago.


-- Thorsten
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