[Libreoffice-qa] Feedback from the FR group on the marathon // missing devs' statement

Nino Novak nn.libo at kflog.org
Fri Dec 21 14:22:33 PST 2012

Am 21.12.2012 19:57 schrieb Sophie Gautier:

> Just to share it with you, we have had a great participation to the
> marathon in the FR community

Nice! Thank you.

What I'm missing a bit is kind of a summary/thankyou/blogpost or 
whatever from the devs ;-)

Has there been a visible increase in the number of bug reports or 
triaged bugs during this week? Could one of the bugzilla experts create 
a nice and encouraging chart from an appropriate query? The stats from 
the QA_Test_Marathon_Stats.ods does not compare this week with a 
"normal" week.

and ... yes, I know it's not polite to ask others to do something but 
I'd really like to see the "difference" of this week graphically.

unfortunately not being able to participate :-(

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