[Libreoffice-qa] [Libreoffice] weird shortcut key for repeat action in Writer

Stefan Knorr (Astron) heinzlesspam at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 23 02:52:13 PST 2012

Hi all,

>> That brings several questions to me: how comes the translation of the
>> key names is depending on the keyboard model? I have a normal french
>> keyboard with en-US locale and en-US libreoffice build.
>        Well - I guess the -idea- is prolly to try to show the user the key
> that is written on their keyboard, rather than a generic 'Ctrl' for
> Control - it can show 'Control' (if that is what is written there) or
> somesuch.

I would like to say that I hate the fact that regardless of the rest
of my UI, LibreOffice keyboard shortcuts are always displayed in
German [1]. I believe this behaviour is also inconsistent wrt to
almost any other software.

>        But, of course, some keyboards really do have oddly named keys that we
> want to assign shortcuts to so ...

All we should need is localised versions of key names like Ctrl, Del,
Ins (that are on almost every keyboard [1], but whose names can
change) and global versions of key names for
alphanumeric/script-specific keys (which might not be on every
keyboard, but whose names are the same internationally).
So, looking at the code, we'd need to just move the keyboard language
specific data to the specific locales. This also seems a lot more
scalable than for every localiser having to ask a developer to add
their native keys into this code.


[1] I use a German keyboard and an English locale of my OS.
[2] I think their names only differ between PC and Mac keyboards.

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