[Libreoffice-qa] [Libreoffice] weird shortcut key for repeat action in Writer

Rimas Kudelis rq at akl.lt
Mon Jan 23 08:24:20 PST 2012

Hi Pedro,

2012.01.23 13:07, Pedro Lino ras(e.:
>     All we should need is localised versions of key names like Ctrl, Del,
>     Ins (that are on almost every keyboard [1], but whose names can
>     change) and global versions of key names for
>     alphanumeric/script-specific keys (which might not be on every
>     keyboard, but whose names are the same internationally).
>     So, looking at the code, we'd need to just move the keyboard language
>     specific data to the specific locales. This also seems a lot more
>     scalable than for every localiser having to ask a developer to add
>     their native keys into this code.
> That would be too simple. See my example in the previous email.
> You would need to match the keys for EACH keyboard model, regardless
> of Locale.
> This is particularly true for laptops (at least in Portugal...). All
> laptops sold in Portugal have a Portuguese layout but the Special keys
> (like Ctrl, Alt, Insert) have the English text. Obviously
> manufacturers do this to save on producing specific keys. So Locale
> doesn't solve the problem.

I think you'd just have to choose which label to use. Correctly matching
key names with the keyboard model is hardly impossible. I would say
you'd just have to choose whether to use Inserir or Insert, and stick to
that choice. Which strings you would choose would be completely up to
you, but you could of course take popularity and other factors into account.


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