[Libreoffice-qa] Spell check problems after update

Roman Eisele post at roman-eisele.de
Sun Jun 3 02:47:36 PDT 2012

Am 02.06.12 08:09, schrieb Rainer Bielefeld:
> Hi all,
> I observe a remarkable number of bug reports concerning spell check
> problems after update during the last days. Unfortunately quality of
> those reports is lousy, so that it is difficult to find out what the
> reason might be, but I am pretty sure that it's a User Profile related
> problem.

I can at least confirm that the problem is related to the user profile.
My wife, running LibreOffice with German UI on WinXP, used 3.5.3 and
then installed 3.5.4. Immediately after the update she noticed that in
the same .doc file which showed redlining before the update all
redlining disappeared, and also that the autocorrection did not work
anymore. Knowing something about typical LibreOffice problems, she
deleted the complete user profile folder, and after that everything
worked again as expected.

It's a pity that I wasn't at home, so I could not tell her just to
rename  the user profile folder (instead of deleting it) -- so we can't
analyze the source of the problem ...

Hope it helps a little bit,


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