[Libreoffice-qa] libreoffice qa call 2012-06-14

Bjoern Michaelsen bjoern.michaelsen at canonical.com
Thu Jun 14 07:44:43 PDT 2012

Hi all,

the next LibreOffice QA call is on 2012-06-14 14:00 UTC. See prototype agenda

@Norbert: Would be great for you to be able to join for gerrit discussion.

pending action items:
   - Update/Create active triagers wiki page (Cor/Rainer)
   - collect further ideas for spending a dedicated resource (Cor/Rainer)
     -> blocked on CC/Litmus choice & availability
   - write update scenario testcase in Litmus/MozTrap (Kendy)
   - Set Cor up with the Community/Forum maintainers at the distros
     to better propagate Hackfests, Bug Hunting Sessions etc.
     RedHat, Debian, Gentoo still missing
   - update bugwrangling docs to say CC instead of assign (Rainer)
+  - Invite active bugwranglers to next call/QA list, CC Rainer (Bjoern)
   - merge 3.5 and 3.6 in one big bibisect repo (Bjoern)
   - recheck and tweak bibisect details (Bjoern)

structured manual testing (Yifan/Petr):
   - ...

bug wrangling (Rainer):
   - Board of Directors approved budget for Bugzilla improvement
     (incl. performance, OpenID acesss, ....)
   - bugzilla LibreOffice version format

automated testing and review (Bjoern/Norbert?):
   - gerrit/tinderboxes
community building/communication (Cor?):
   - beta testers for 3.6.0 beta 1
   - 3.6.0 beta 1 available in ppa (Bjoern)

bibisect for 3.5 release branch and 3.6 master (Bjoern/Korrawit):
   - ...

Dial-in numbers for countries outside Germany can be found at:

Dial-in numbers inside Germany are:

    +49 40 18881000 (Hamburg, landline)
    +49 40 95069970 (Hamburg, landline)
    +49 89 666660893 (Munich, landline)
    +49 1570 3336000 (vistream mobile network)


    Room number: 53 71 38
    No participant PIN is required
    All calls will be recorded
    All participants can speak

Note that you can also use Skype to join the call.
Comments and additions most welcome.



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