[Libreoffice-qa] New Bugzilla Version Picker items – 2

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Mon Jun 18 01:47:22 PDT 2012

Petr Mladek píše v Čt 14. 06. 2012 v 16:40 +0200:
> What about the following scheme?
> Help / About            Bugzilla Picker         Info
> ------------------------------------------------------
>                        rc
>                        rc

We agreed on this scheme on the QA call on Friday and we are going to
use it from now on. We will already use it for

It seems to be the best compromise. It has the advantages:

        + easy to understand for normal users, alpha, beta flags are
          known from other projects, so they set reasonable expectations
        + correct alphabetical sorting in RPM, bugzilla
        + "easy" to parse (alpha/beta strings delimited by dot)

The result is that we could have the same version everywhere: git tags,
source tarballs, about dialog, bugzilla, ...

Please, stop discussion here. I am sure that you could come with many
more inventive solutions but we need to use something in the end :-)

Best Regards,

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