[Libreoffice-qa] Cleaning bug list

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Mon Jun 18 01:16:49 PDT 2012

Joel Madero píše v Pá 15. 06. 2012 v 23:09 -0700:
> I brainstormed a bit today and I came up with this flowchart. Looking
> for input. I read through email threads and see that prioritizing bugs
> has been an interesting discussion but as of now looks to be pretty
> unsettled. I'm going to make a similar chart for myself for setting
> bugs status. These kinds of things help me, not sure if they help
> others, but if they do, feel free to comment :)

Cool! I like the logic. Also the flowchart is easier to understand than
any text.

I only miss regressions handling. There were long discussions that
regressions should have higher priority than other bugs. Also we add the
"regression" flag into Whiteboard.

I think how to best handle it in the flow chart. I would add a
subprocess at the end of each way. The question is what to do in this
subprocess. We need to set "regression" in whiteboard. We also would
want to increase the priority or even severity by one level.

> This is meant as a general guideline, possibly to put up on the wiki
> for future and current QA/Devs to have a bit of focus. It's NOT meant
> to be me forcing everyone to conform as I know that QA requires quite
> a bit of discretion.

Sounds great! It is even impossible to use it as a strict rule because
different people might have different opinion about how each function is
important and how many users are affected. We need to add there a text
that people should not fight about the severities and priorities. They
are just helper tools for developers. Each volunteer developers has its
own opinion anyway ;-)

By the way. I wonder how complicated would be to rotate the chart to
have the main questions from top to bottom. You know, it is much easier
to scroll the page up and down using the mouse wheel.

I am looking forward to see it on the wiki.

Thanks a lot for working on this.

Best Regards,

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