[Libreoffice-qa] Cleaning bug list

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Mon Jun 18 08:24:06 PDT 2012

Joel Madero píše v Po 18. 06. 2012 v 07:04 -0700:
> I'll modify the orientation today or tomorrow and try to see where 
> regression should fit. I think that it has to go in Priority and not in 
> Severity.

Makes sense.

>  As for how devs use it, I agree completely that right now it's 
> almost useless but maybe if it becomes more uniform and it actually 
> provides some information as to what the bug is doing....who knows.

I think that normal developers might ignore unconfirmed bugs. The will
be happy if confirmed bugs are prioritized some "standardized" way.

>  For instance for me, at this point my abilities are pretty low so trivial 
> bugs seem to be the go to...

Heh, even minor bug might be hard to fix. On the other hand, crashes are
sometimes easier because backtrace and valgrind log points to the
probleamtic code ;-)

> As for users prioritizing themselves, I've (mentioned/suggested/got irritated 
> with) in comments a couple users setting Severity to Critical for 
> something as minor as Conditional Formatting, it's almost to the point 
> that it is useless to "let" the end user categorize their own bugs like 
> this.

Sure. Well, it can be solved by filtering the non-confirmed bugs.

> Maybe regression should automatically set Priority to "Highest" 
> regardless of how many people are affected.

I would still prefer to take in account the seriousness and visibility.
If it takes months to report a regression, it means that nobody active
used the functionality for a long time. Such a regression could wait a
bit longer ;-)

> Ok off to work. Glad it at least seems a little useful. I have such 
> limited experience in programming/programming projects that I just felt 
> a bit overwhelmed so this helped me quite a bit last night when I was 
> going through bugs.

I am sure that it will help others as well. It is possible that some
people did not start triaging because they were not sure how to do it.

Thanks for working on it.

Best Regards,

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