[Libreoffice-qa] Who is our expert for general UI/GUI bugs?

Roman Eisele qalists at eikota.de
Tue Jun 19 03:27:37 PDT 2012


our list of "Friendly experts" at


does not include any expert for general UI/GUI bugs (Christoph Noack is
expert for "GUI design questions", but not for bugs). Therefore my
question: which developer(s) should be CC'ed for cross-platform bugs in
the UI/GUI, like this one:


? This bug in the Start Center window is neither limited to a specific
platform (so CC'ing our Linux, MacOS, and Windows experts is not
appropriate) nor related to one of the main components (so CC'ing our
Writer, Calc, etc. experts is not appropriate, too). Therefore, which
developer(s) need to be informed about a bug of this kind?

Thank you very much for any hints!


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