[Libreoffice-qa] LibreOffice QA call 2012-03-09 15:00 UTC

Cor Nouws oolst at nouenoff.nl
Wed Mar 7 00:55:10 PST 2012

Hi Bjoern, *,

Thanks for the invitation and the initiative!

Bjoern Michaelsen wrote (07-03-12 02:45)

> I would like to set up a LibreOffice QA call to streamline our QA efforts. I
> propose to make our first call on:
>   Friday, 2012-03-09 15:00 UTC

As life shows now, I'll be able to join. And I'll try to keep it that way.

> I hope to repeat this call biweekly to discuss and coordinate ongoing QA
> issues, it would be great to have QA-contributors for the topics below able to
> join this call.
> prototype agenda for the first call:

I have some explicit ideas on some of the items.
Should we attempt to exchange those before the meeting, or at least 
mention them (briefly)?

> [...]
> If there are additional issues needing to be discussed,
> please reply to this mail with your addition.

Yes, I have one.
Looking at the developer community, I see that there is a conscious, 
consequent approach, executed with talent and lots of time(presence), of 
encouraging and guiding developers, especially of course the new ones. 
Thus making people feel comfortable, learning to find their way, 
enabling to do them things that they like and are useful for the project 
Though we have quite some people engaged in QA, with enthusiasm and 
talent, I think we miss some drive like that.
Obviously QA work is not the same as development work, and maybe people 
also (partly) step in from a different perspective. Thus a one-to-one 
copy of the approach, that is so successful at the developer side, will 
not do. But of course, key elements are encouragement, guiding, joy in 
the work, sharing success, acknowledgement etc
(hope I choose all the right words ;-) )
I'm not sure if this is an easy to solve issue. But 'submitting' it 
first, and giving it a clear 'summary' of course are the first steps to 
resolve this.


  - Cor
  - http://nl.libreoffice.org

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