[Libreoffice-qa] [TESTED] Re: 3.5.1 Online Update testing

Rimas Kudelis rq at akl.lt
Fri Mar 9 08:29:34 PST 2012

2012.03.09 17:28, Pedro rašė:
> Christian Lohmaier-2 wrote
>> it is the server that
>> makes the decision whether there is an update, not LibreOffice.
>> LibreOffice just displays the server's response.
> So the server response needs to be fixed to properly identify my current RC1
> as
> If LO sets two update channels the server would only report updates at (or
> even display) the w level (using the x.y.z.w naming) to those who
> deliberately choose to be on the Beta channel and would report only higher
> updates to all other users.
> Can this be done?

IMO, that would be indeed a good move.

Regarding implementation, I guess we could have a checkbox in the Update 
preferences dialog, which would allow the user to opt in or out of 
betas. Or this could also be a drop-down list with three channels to 
choose from:
* betas/RC's
* releases
* conservative releases

This would make the request for update have one more parameter. Should 
be quite easy to implement, I think.


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