[Libreoffice-qa] EasyHack tags

Rainer Bielefeld LibreOffice at bielefeldundbuss.de
Thu Mar 29 09:38:59 PDT 2012


I have a question / suggestion concerning EasyHack tags. I do not know 
whether there has been an agreement, and the Wiki is some wishy-washy

I would prefer a standard that "ProposedEasyHack" is for the 
Wihiteboard, and a developer deletes that and adds "EasyHack" to the 
summary line. That would ease Bugzilla queries 
("EasyHack"/"ProposedEasyHack" can't be distinguished easily (I doubt 
that many users know how to use regular expressions, and it's grinding), 
and currently we have some hodge podge:

206 Bugs with "EasyHack*" in Summary AND Whiteboard [1]
     I believe that doubling is not useful

004  Bugs with "EasyHack*" in Summary AND "ProposedEasyHack"
      in Whiteboard

050 Bugs with "ProposedEasyHack" in Whiteboard

005 Bugs with "ProposedEasyHack" in Summary

May be someone with knowledge how the Wiki HeasyHack list tricks work 
can add a guideline to unify the usage on 

Best regards




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