[Libreoffice-qa] Stats I plotted + Getting rid of bugs - appealing

Rainer Bielefeld LibreOffice at bielefeldundbuss.de
Sat Nov 3 02:50:57 PDT 2012

bfo schrieb:

> There was one autoclosing nightmare recently and I thought no one dare to
> propose another one any time soon...


I agree! There is no benefit from putting bugs from 1 drawer to an other 
one  without any research, but all these mass changes cause lots of 
emails, break queries, ... . I dislike that empty activity.

These old unconfirmed bugs cause no problems at all, and some of those 
in Florian's queries have been reopened after the last mass close 
because of good reasons (Enhancement request, ...) I have a feed showing 
Bugs what have been reopened from the last mass close, currently I count 
150 (from 900 or so closed ones). And a sample I did before the mass 
close showed that 1/3 of those bugs were real bugs. So recommend to 
review bugs, not to carry them around.

> The problem is that most of bugs are
> not checked by anyone. As my experience shows - one manual ping can resolve
> most issues or transfer the bug to developers. We need more people to read
> bugs and process them, not more ideas how to autoclose them.

So it is. If we would have 10 people who do an extra review per day for 
the Bugs from Florians queries, we would be through before next spring. 
We urgently need more reviewers, and the most promising way is to ask 
reporters who look qualified to help to review an other bug. Only 5 new 
power-reviewers /of 10 who have been asked) would help a lot. We should 
do a systematic approach to that (may be with a list who asked whom for 
additional reports to avoid double work and annoyance for the "candidates".

Best regards


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