[Libreoffice-qa] Website Bug quashing success?

Rainer Bielefeld LibreOffice at bielefeldundbuss.de
Tue Nov 20 11:15:17 PST 2012

Marc Paré schrieb:
> I am just wondering, now that it has been a couple of months since
> website-related bugs have been copied to the website mailing list,


my personal impression is that that brought some improvement, an least 
for my personal work.

a) I save time
In the past it was not sure whether someone will take care, so I had to 
observe the bug, often to post in the mailing list additionally to the 
bug report. Now I can be sure that the web team will see the new bug 
report, no further action necessary.

b) results come faster
In the 4 Months before we got that proceeding, we had
57 bug reports, [1]
5 of them [2] became fixed within that period (9%)

In the 4 Months after we got that proceeding, we had
96 bug reports, [3]
36 of them [4] became fixed within that period (38%)

Unfortunately I do not know a way to find out the average time between 
report and fix.

Of course it would be naive to attribute that progress only to the new 
CC proceeding, But I believe it's part of the progress.

d) Miscellaneous
It seems Bugzilla now is used more consequently for all Website related 
problems, what might ease to find website related bugs. In the early 
past it seemed that some bus were announced on the webiste list, others 
in Bugzilla and some others somewhere else. And where ever someone wrote 
concerning a bug he observed he got news that that problem already is in 
discussion at an other place. But to be honest, I do not have a complete 
overview concerning this problem.

Best Regards







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