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Michael Meeks michael.meeks at suse.com
Sat Nov 24 09:27:50 PST 2012

On Sat, 2012-11-24 at 07:07 -0800, Pedro wrote:
> IMO asking for user input is better than "educating". Of course, when you
> ask for user input you are also limiting and controlling the odd scenarios
> (i.e. instead of the installer having to predict all oddball situations, the
> user will provide the needed information and the software only has to adapt
> to one or two different combinations...)

	So - the LODev situation is a little unusual; but as Stephan says -
once the MIGRATED file is in the configuration directory, we will never
attempt a migration again: this requested by Mechtilde ages ago to stop
this cycle of crash-during-migration that then requires user error. If
we pathologically fail to migrate, we never do it again :-)

	That of course means that LODev build users never test migration -
which is a big shame; I guess the ideal is (as Stephan suggests) either
education of testers: please remove your MIGRATION stamp, -or- something
more cunning - to check for a 'MIGRATION-<git-hash-of-lodev-version>'
stamp-file but only for the dev-builds (perhaps) - so regularly
re-migrating data, or some user prompt or ... ;-)

> So my only point is: if the devs want users to do early testing they should
> be prepared to listen ;)

	As we are :-) what do you want ? :-) a custom dialog ? if so it's going
to be hard to do for 4.0 ...



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