[Libreoffice-qa] minutes of ESC call ...

Cor Nouws oolst at nouenoff.nl
Tue Nov 27 14:31:19 PST 2012

Hi Peter, Stephan, *,

Petr Mladek wrote (27-11-12 17:54)

> We listen :-) Well, the testing can be done even with Dev builds. I
> installed the daily build from
> http://dev-builds.libreoffice.org/daily/Linux-x86_64_11-Release-Configuration/master/current/
> and did the following steps:
> 1. started the official libreoffice3.6, modified some settings, and stopped it
> 2. removed ~/.config/libreoffice/3/MIGRATED
> 3. removed ~/.config/lodev/4
> 4. started lodev4.0
> Result: Most of the setting changes were migrated.

That is clear.
Can one of you please tell me if there is a different result when one 
does what you did and between manually copying the user profile to the 
new versions' user directory?

> The only problem I found was Tools/Options/LibreOffice/Appearance
> because there are named schemes (LibreOffice vs. LoDev). Well, this can
> be tested as well if you create your own scheme.
> IMHO, the question is if we really need to spend resources on special
> dialog or special support. Note that we do not migrate configuration
> between minor releases. So this testing is needed only once every few
> years.

On the other hand, also between minor release there may be differences 
that interfere with the user-profile.
Therefore testing it with a new and with the existing user profile make 
sense, IMO.


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