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Cor Nouws oolst at nouenoff.nl
Wed Nov 28 15:04:29 PST 2012

Stephan Bergmann wrote (28-11-12 11:23)
> On 11/28/2012 10:40 AM, Cor Nouws wrote:
>> Stephan Bergmann wrote (24-11-12 11:40)

>>> Given that testing migration from existing user profiles generally
>>> requires manual activity anyway (to remove potentially existing MIGRATED
>>> flag files from existing user profiles), I wonder whether it would not
>>> make most sense to drop LOdev's special handling of user profiles
>> Special in the sense that is uses a special path?
>> (Sorry, I missed that)
> Yes.  (And I had -- erroneously? -- assumed that LOdev installations did
> not store their user profiles centrally, at ~/.config/lodev etc., but
> locally within the LOdev's installation tree, via a relative
> UserInstallation URL in the bootstrap ini-file.)

There is the suggestion when you perform parallel installation, to use a 
variable to place the user profile in the install path ;-)

>> And isn't this what is the point in the discussion, to provide an easy
>> way (i.e UI) in those LOdevs to import the existing profile for testing
>> minor/micro releases?
> If LOdev versions indeed store their user profiles centrally (at
> ~/.config/lodev/{3,4} ? correct me if I'm wrong),

  (I don't correct you)

> then the scenario of
> reusing an existing user profile from a previous LOdev version N1 in a
> new LOdev version N2, where N2 >= N1 and N1 and N2 are either both 3.x.x
> or both 4.x.x versions, is already covered by the easy case of requiring
> no manual preparation.

:-)   Hmm, but one might be interested to test with both new and 
imported user profiles.
And for various dev-releases import over and again from the existing 
stable release.
Hmm, that means that having the same path ~/.config/lodev/# for all 
LOdev-versions in a series is not useful too.
And then introducing different paths... leaving testers that do not have 
the knowledge of details with lots of older profiles... Hmm..

I think we end up in trying to educate testers as much as possible.


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