[Libreoffice-qa] Master builds name revisited

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Fri Nov 30 09:38:15 PST 2012

Pedro píše v Čt 29. 11. 2012 v 11:39 -0800:
> Hi Petr, all
> Petr Mladek wrote
> > Note that it might take longer time because I need to test it carefully
> > to do not break all tinderboxes :-)
> Don't worry, a few are broken already :)
> http://tinderbox.libreoffice.org/MASTER/status.html
> Petr Mladek wrote
> > You might say that I broke the nice design of the about dialog again.
> > Well, this line won't appear in official builds. IMHO, it is very handy
> > to have everything on one place, so you could just open the dialog and
> > paste the info into bugzilla. Also I think that it is easier to have it
> > in about dialog than in any file somewhere hidden on the system. And to
> > be honest, this was the easiest solution :-)
> This is absolutely perfect!!! Much better than the text file. I assumed it
> was easier to use the text file. This is in fact what I have been asking
> since December 2011 :)
> Thank you for implementing this and for the screenshot :)

Cool. I am happy that you like it.

I have a patch for tinderbox but I still need to test it. It was somehow
busy day. I hope that I will get it into life the following week.

> I'm sure the marketing and design guys won't be upset since this is for QA
> geeks only :)
> As long as the final user version doesn't have any of this, that is.  I
> assume the idea is that Public Betas and RC builds will not include this
> info either?

Yup, it will be only in the daily builds.

> In fact as I suggested earlier I think the BuildID could be completely
> removed from the About box of  public stable releases since there is no
> possible confusion between versions (and it is ugly :) ).

Yup, it would make sense. I think about to disable it with the
--enable-release-build configure option. Well, I need to think a bit
more about it if it is not used in other situations.

Best Regards,

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