[Libreoffice-qa] Regression test (Moztrap) test case localization temporary solution.

Yi Fan Jiang yfjiang at suse.com
Fri Sep 7 01:44:36 PDT 2012

Hi Petr, all,

On Thu, Sep 06, 2012 at 12:26:48PM +0200, Petr Mladek wrote:
> Yi Fan Jiang píše v Čt 06. 09. 2012 v 03:47 -0600:
> > >Yi Fan Jiang píše v Čt 06. 09. 2012 v 02:50 -0600:
> > >> 4. In the page, make sure the version of the case is switched to
> > *0*
> > >> by:
> > >>
> > >>     - Around the top right corner of the page, hover the mouse on
> > the
> > >> version
> > >>     "selection list box" right below the "Select environment"
> > >>
> > >>     - Click the version initiated with 0, in this case, it should
> > be
> > >>     "0 creating a table in database and increment records"
> >>
> > >Would be possible to set "0" as the default version for editing?
> > >I am afraid that the current default setting is too error prone.
> > 
> > It should be possible, I'll make a quick "fix" this week.
> Great. I keep my fingers crossed.

Done, the page now only show version 0 cases:


The following is some explanations:  

I did some investigation today and found each case/version pair stores as a
single data record in database, so navigating between versions depend on the
URL containing a specific case/version id. For example, the following refers
to the same case with different version:


By default the case management page filtering out only the *latest* version of
a case and gives a specific editing url for each.

I have thought to make a *seemless* transition to show the *latest* version
but given a *0* version edit link, but felt it might bring some confusing. So
I changed the filter to always show "Version 0" instead of the *latest*
version as a solution.

Meanwhile switching among versions is still available by 2 ways:

  1. click the Advance Filtering button and click "Libreoffice x.x" in product
  version criteria field.

  2. click the pencil icon to edit a single case and switch the version

It is noticeable for those cases particularly created for a version X.Y while
not existed in Version 0, only the way 1 is available. But I doubt it will be
a usual case :)

How do you think about that? Is this solution accepatble?

Best wishes,

  Yifan Jiang
  Libreoffice / SuSE
  Contact: yifan - irc.freenode.net/libreoffice

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