[Libreoffice-qa] LibreOffice QA Call Metting Minutes 2012-09-07

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Fri Sep 7 09:10:37 PDT 2012


Participants: Florian, Petr

We had great chat but really missed the others. Please, try to join next
time or say what is the blocker to join.

pending action items:
   - write update scenario testcase in Litmus/MozTrap (Kendy)
   - Invite active bugwranglers to next call/QA list, CC Rainer (Bjoern)
   - merge 3.5 and 3.6 in one big bibisect repo (Bjoern)
   - recheck and tweak bibisect details (Bjoern)
   - Ping cloph if we can make that switchable to say "Bug" instead of
     "EasyHack" when explcitly requested (Bjoern)
   - new Bug Hunting Sessions (Cor)

   * noting new; The responsible people were missing :-(

updated schedule
   - http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/ReleasePlan
   - two weeks between RCs
   - 3.7.0 and 3.7.1 collision

	* [Petr] We added one week between RCs; the only exception is 3.7.0-rc2-rc3
           and 3.7.1-rc1-rc2 because they conflicted, see also
	* [Florian] it looks like the best solution
        * [Petr] we are still improving the schedule; the current one has the drawback
          that there is a short time between the 3.X.Y release and the deadline for
          3.X.Y+1-rc1; it would work if we do not add regressions; the bugfixing process
          is a kind of pipeline anyway; though, we might want to have bugfix release every
          5 weeks instead of every 4 weeks; let's see how the current schedule work
          in practice

structured manual testing (Yifan/Petr):
   - localization

        * Yi Fan proposed 3 temporary solutions; Sophie provided feedback from French
          community; so we selected one solution, see

   - 3.6.3 testing

	* Sophie would like to use Moztrap for 3.6.3 testing
        * Yi Fan is moving testcases from Litmus and fixing usability
          problems to make it ready
        * any help or feedback is welcome
   - presentation on the LO conference

	* Petr will do presentation/workshop about Moztrap on LO conference
          because Yi Fan fill not be there

bug wrangling (Rainer):

	* Florian showed some bugzilla statistic produced by Rainer:

		* [Florian] Big number of bugs reported against;
                  many must be older bugs => should we ask users to try
                  older versions and set the oldest affected?
                * [Florian] Also many bugs has the version "Unspecified";
                  should we ask for the affected one?

                * [Petr] IMHO, the most important information is how to
                  reproduce the bug; the version is nice to have; it helps
                  when the bug is not reproducible with some other build;
                  also it helps to locate the problem if it is a regression

                  => we should ask for the version and set it; also we should
                  try older versions, attach backtrace, test documents, do bibisect
                  but all this is only nice to have; if the bug is well reproducible,
                  we could pass it to the development immediately and add the helpful
                  details later

                  Well, other people might see it different; feel free to reopen this
                  question on the next call

                  (to be continued)
	* Florian also got idea to arrange "bug hunting hours"

		* it might work better than days
		* it should be during week when fultime developers 
                  are around

                => let's discuss this on the next meeting with more people;
                   we need to find a good time, ...

                (to be continued)

   - bugzilla contract improvements (Rainer)

	* We missed Rainer

   - last 5 hardhacks retrospedctive:

     this table is taken from ESC call meeting minutes

--- cut ---
	      ID      OS      Component - Summary
      38913   Windows Libreoffice - CRASH when loading Danish dictionary at
                       startup citing msvcr90.dll after upgrade
                + potentially jvm dll at fault, use a workaround to
                  avoid fatal crash when called API called with an
                  illegal argument.
                + fixed - thanks to Stephan, custom handler works
                  around crash.
      32948   Linux   Libreoffice/Database(?) - Address Book Data Source
                       Wizard fails with message "No SDBC driver was found"
                + bug-log mixes several different issues, very unclear.
                + please open separate, new, clean issues & re-report.
                + one is split to bug#54450 Evo/Addressbook doesn't work
                        + David to kindly look into it.
AI:                     + enable evolution connector in distro-config for Linux (Lionel)
      34548   All     Presentation - EDITING: CRASH in action after Undo
                + valgrind trace preferred.
      36681   All     Writer - EDITING: after insert/removal of a picture (or
                       alike) view scrolls to begin/end of document
                + nasty cases where picture anchored to the page, and
                  inserting paragraphs afterwards, screen showed the 1st
                  page - due to stale layout info.
                + fixed by Cedric.
      33302   Mac     Libreoffice - FILEOPEN/EDITING RTL text: parentheses and
                       brackets "(...) [...]" inverted to ")...( ]...["
                       with some fonts
                + Mac volunteers appreciated.
--- cut ---

     => 2 fixed; 1 put back to QA; 2 not really touched

	* [Petr] nice start; development might want to assign the bugs during
          ESC meeting to make sure that we move forward with the two weeks

   - find another 5 HardHacks

        * [Petr] let's keep the two non-solved:

           * https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34548:
             EDITING: CRASH in action after Undo

	   * https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=33302:
             FILEOPEN/EDITING RTL text: parentheses and brackets "(...)
             [...]" inverted to ")...( ]...[" with some fonts

        * after long search we nominated these 3:

	   * https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=44664: 
             cups landscape woes with pdf: printer truncates Landscape
             orientation pages to Portrait dimensions

           * https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=35680:
             FORMATTING: Gradient rendered wrongly in presentation mode when grouped

           * https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=39007:
             Persistent "Restore Windows" dialog won't disappear, disables key functionality

          They all are MABs, long standing, have many people in CC, many duplicates, ...

         * Please, join the call next time and help us to find the right hardhacks :-)

   - bug prioritization, can we start for real (continue)?

	* [Florian] Only experienced people should be able to modify these fields;
          normal people do not see the wide picture and set high severity and priority
          for their pet bugs

        * [Petr] Yes, this might be a problem. Well, we should correct the severity/priority during
          the bug triage; Few users will not agree and increase it; We could try to set it back
          once again and then ignore them; if only 1% of bugs has wrongly set priorities, it still
          would be great state

        * [Petr] Important is to decide on the rules; All bug triagers should be on
           the same wave, so they do not fight against each other

        (to be continued)

community building/communication:
   - new time for QA call retrospective

	* [Florian] the new time is fine now; I am not sure how it will be
          once the next semester starts; let's see

   - Joel's new page describing the BugTriage process
	- https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/BugTriage_InProgress

	* we missed Joel

   - Nino picked my mail and put excepts up as a QA mission statement
     - http://nabble.documentfoundation.org/Libreoffice-qa-QA-Mission-Statement-was-Re-Fwd-Re-Closing-NEEDINFO-bugs-td4002426.html
     - http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/QA#Bug_Triage.5B1.5D
     - what is the message for a newcomer?
     - is there a more clear and encouraging alternative?

	* [Petr] Especially the sentence "Given that 87 of the assigned
          bugs have not seen a change in more than 180 days" sounds depressing.

          It is true but it does not mean the developers did not fix bugs;
          They just could not fix all the 5000 bugs within weeks.

          The sentence might discourage new triagers that the work does
          not make sense because developers does not care. This is not true.
          Developers fox bugs. The triaging is really important. Also the
          prioritization is important.

        * We went completely out to time, so we did not come up with
          the better formulation.

        (to be continued)

Best Regards,

PS: Florian, I am sorry if I missed some of your great ideas. My English
is not 100%. Also I feel a bit tired.

PPS: I hope to hear more people on the call next time. It is really
great opportunity to exchange opinion and decide on some things faster.

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