[Libreoffice-qa] Moztrap login CSRF issue fix - testing needed.

Pedro pedlino at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 22:46:37 PDT 2012

Hi Yi

Yi Fan Jiang wrote
>> I thought the goal of this site was for reporting the results of a
>> Regression Test.
> Yes, it is exactly for regression test :)

When I logged in earlier today, the two tests I had Passed weren't showing
up. Now they are. I was confused about the goals :)

Yi Fan Jiang wrote
> By default, a registered user without speical permission is a tester who
> can
> view and run tests, but not modifying them.

Then the manage section shouldn't even show up for a regular user. It is
unnecessarily confusing.

 I think that the language needs to be  selected at login (and only the
selected language is used). All those translations for a test case are
confusing. The Pass Test button present only on the English translation is
also confusing. 

The selection of the Environment is also confusing. The user should select
the Platform first (it is what he is most familiar with). What is "Windows"
(as opposed to Windows XP)? Windows7? Windows 7 or 8?

After the Platform is selected then the Architecture (not Archs) options
should change accordingly (e.g. under Windows there are only x86 and x64)

The last step should be the selection of the Locale. This is also confusing:
what does this refer to? The Windows Language, the Windows Regional Settings
or the Language used in the LibreOffice GUI?

I can be in Norway, using an English US Windows Laptop and have the
LibreOffice GUI in Portuguese while writing a paper in English UK... Which
Locale should I choose? :)

Is it really needed to test all those languages? If those work, then all
others work for sure?

I think that the idea for this tool was to have a user friendly interface
that would be attractive even for inexperienced users and currently it is
not that intuitive.
I'm sorry if I'm being too critical (but I'm also suggesting solutions, so I
think that helps...). 


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