[Libreoffice-qa] LO and Base diagram

Andreas Lartz andreas at lartz.net
Wed Apr 3 00:02:09 PDT 2013

Hello list,

there is a long living bug in Base. I think everybody knows that it is
no more possible to use diagrams in Base reports since version 3.5.0. In
my eyes it is one of the most annoying bugs. It can not be the target to
use two different installations only for using diagram in reports of
base. I know the hint from Robert Großkopf to use 3.3 or 3.4 for
diagrams. I have hoped with the last big version step to 4.0 this bug
could be fixed. But I fault. The bug is still living and annoying
Does anybody knows details of fixing this bug?
Does anybody knows when we will have back the diagrams in an updated
I can not imagine that Robert and I are the only two persons around the
world who use diagrams in reports. I guess we have here a silent
majority who does not ask about fixing this bug.
Yes, I know, LO is open source and maintained by volunteers. But as I
said before (months before) I see Base as the one of most important
features of LO and it should be maintained more carefully. In case the
few programmers of Base are overloaded this bug should be get a higher

best regards

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