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Rainer Bielefeld LibreOffice at bielefeldundbuss.de
Sat Apr 6 10:20:00 PDT 2013

Jochen schrieb:

> I added "links" to bugzilla from the German QA-Wiki (see [1]). Is it okay?

Hi Jochen,

I also am not satisfied with the current search by click on the Sub 
Component names. But I had no good ideas and to much other todos. So 
your query links might be a great service, but definitively they blow up 
the page size.

My first thoughts:
a) Currently that page already has much to much contents and is very 
unclear, so I am not happy to see 100 additional lines there. 
Additionally these links might appear in the BSA Help, where they also 
need more place. So I suggest to move that info to the "Read more" area.

b) The current design is a little too dominant. I would prefer some 
"info bar" what can be added to any "Read more" section, quick draft:

Status related Statistics

CLOSED includes "Resolved" and "Verified" for FIXED, WFM,

Statistics [1]

c) after some experiments Templates should be created for the links, 
what will ease maintenance

d) Pleasetest can be removed, we do not use that.

e) I recommend experiments and tests with a component what does not 
appear in BSA, like "graphics stack" or so.

So my conclusion: no objections againsst such query links in a little 
more space saving, less dominang design in the Read more areas. 
Recommend to use Templates directly when you start, because maintenance 
of the original very long links in lots of Help templates  would be very 

It seems Qubit (bishop.robinson at gmail.com) is very active in that area 
with a cleanup, I think you should coordinate your ideas with him.

Best regards



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