[Libreoffice-qa] Looking for a new approach in QA workflow.

MiguelAngel mariosv at miguelangel.mobi
Fri Apr 26 16:11:11 PDT 2013

Hi all,

Reading comments out there, like Ask, Bugzilla and other sites, seems 
some people have the impression that LibreOffice is released with bugs, 
what leaves secondly the great improvements, what do not make me feel 
too well.

Well IMHO, we need to look for a new approach to change this 
appreciation, and if was possible at the same time improve the project.

IMHO we have not enough verification for Patch and Enhancements (P&E) 
previously to their incorporation in the RC and final releases. E.g. we 
have not a place where to find how a P&E must work and when is in a build?.

Invest the time before release, to reduce multiplied the spent time 
after release, I think could be the most effective way to get results.

How many hours spent on repair can save every hour invest in a previous 
QA to avoid a bug?, this is a true saving for users and their companies, 
and up to footprint on the environment. We are green :).

My proposal:

1) Have a place where the patch and enhancements (P&E) are published  at 
the same time of the build where they are pushed, is made available, 
with the detailed information needed to make possible their 
verification, with the link to the build. Some indication about 
priority, specially the urgent patches also would be of interest.

2) The quality team, maybe developers, and who can help, then can make a 
systematic and orderly checking thereof.

3) After test, report the positive result, and the negative with the 
number of the report in bugzilla with cc to the author for found bugs.

4) Restrict to only patch and enhancements with positives test, without 
any negative, can reach RCs or final releases.

5) Special cases can be discussed ESC call.

  IMO, the point, is review as soon as possible, making easier solve the 
issues while the P&E are fresh in mind, reducing the options for new 
cross issues, decreasing at the same time, I think significantly, the 
need for future bibisect.

  The public explanation, I am sure will make developers think in a 
wider perspective, getting a good feedback quickly and making more 
visible the quality of their work.

  In this way, one can know what are the new P&E for test in the build, 
and know much better what kind of test to do. Now, it is hard to know 
what is new in every build and what is there for review.

  I think it would be an invaluable reference place for everybody. To 
know about what can be expected from the P&E and how it must work.
  I am thinking specially in documentation people and who could help 
devs on the help update.
  A place where to see quickly what is going on. Where to find when the 
P&E have been pushed.

I know carry on the place is not easy, but maybe all things are there in 
different places, in any case, I think the benefits could be beyond on 
what we can think now.

I am sorry for mistakes and if find the proposal has no interest or 
maybe a bit revolutionary, but I hope at least help to point in the 
right direction.

Miguel Ángel.

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