[Libreoffice-qa] Impress slows system down, if you are using several effects and run the presentation?

Thomas Hackert thackert at nexgo.de
Sun Dec 1 08:56:20 PST 2013

Hello @ll,
when I create a new presentation with a couple of effects, Impress 
slows my system down, that my watch hangs for nearly 15 seconds ... 

Steps to reproduce:
1. Start Impress
2. Choose "Metropolis" from the "Master Page" pane in the Sidebar
3. Click on the "Click to add title" and add something in it
4. Click on "Click to add text" and add something there
5. Now click on the slide in the "Slides" pane
6. Duplicate the slide
7. Choose "Slide transition" from the Sidebar
8. Choose "Venetian Blinds 3D Vertical"
9. Click on the title of the first slide
10. Click on "Custom Animation" icon in the side bar
11. Click on the plus sign to create a custom animation
12. Click "Colored Lettering" on the "Entrance" tab and click "OK"
13. Click on the text frame on the text field below your title
14. Click on the tab "Motions Paths" and select "Heartbeat"
15. Click again on the first slide in the "Slides" pane
16. Press <F5> to start the presentation

On my system (Debian Testing AMD64, LO Version:
Build ID: f4ca7b35f580827ad2c69ea6d29f7c9b48ebbac7 with installed 
Germanophone lang- as well as helppack), my systems nearly freezes, 
before LO starts the presentation ... :(
Can someone confirm this behaviour?

As a side note: For some reason, I cannot see the text from the text 
field (only the title text), when I run the presentation and have to 
click feeled 10 times (or press space) to reach the end of the 
presentation ... :(
Thanks for testing

If graphics hackers are so smart, why can't they get the bugs out of
fresh paint?

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