[Libreoffice-qa] qtz (key-ID) builds with two entries "Language Settings" in "Tools - Options" dialog

Thomas Hackert thackert at nexgo.de
Mon Dec 2 22:53:04 PST 2013

Good morning Sophie, *,
On Montag, 2. Dezember 2013 20:47 Sophie wrote:
> Le 02/12/2013 17:53, Andras Timar a écrit :
> [...]
>> The two "Language Settings" get different KeyIDs, therefore
>> LibreOffice cannot merge them runtime. The same would happen, if
>> you translated the two "Language Settings" string differently.
>> This is not a bug.
> Ok, thanks!
> Just a side question here, why the startcenter do not have keyID
> for the left pane (Open, Templates, etc...)?

there are more key-IDs missing (in the Options dialog, the "Close" 
button in Extension Manager etc.) ... :(

But I am not sure, why this happens ... :(
Have a nice day

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