[Libreoffice-qa] LO's spellchecker shows grammar errors/hints in English, though UI is in German?

Thomas Hackert thackert at nexgo.de
Sun Dec 8 01:34:35 PST 2013

Good morning @ll,
while testing QA in MozTrap, I found the following:

If you open a document in your language (in my case: German), press 
<F7> to start the spellchecker, you will get these grammar errors / 
hints in German (which is, what I have expected), when the 
spellchecker finds an error / unclear passage. If I open a document 
in en-US (but still with my UI settings set to my language), LO 
suddenly shows these messages in English. Is this intended or is it 
a bug? I would expect these messages in German, but maybe I am wrong 
here ... ;)

Steps to reproduce:
1. Start Writer
2. Either create a short document with some grammatical errors in 
your language, open an existing one or download one (for example one 
of the great documents from odfauthors.org :) )
3. Press <F7> to spellcheck the document
4. When you reach a grammatical error / an unclear position in your 
text, look at this yellowish bar below "Text language"

It should be in English.

Discovered with:
LO: installed version Version: Build ID: 
70feb7d99726f064edab4605a8ab840c50ec57a and parallel installed 
Version: Build ID: 
1a27be92e320f97c20d581a69ef1c8b99ea9885d (both with installed 
Germanophone lang- as well as helppack)
OS: Debian Testing AMD64

It would be nice, if someone can check it with other languages, 
OS/architecture etc. as well :)
Thanks for testing

Many a man who thinks he's going on a maiden voyage with
a woman finds out later that it was just a shake-down cruise.

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