[Libreoffice-qa] LibreOffice Math improvements

Edmund Laugasson edmund.laugasson at gmail.com
Wed Dec 11 12:15:10 PST 2013

Esteemed readers!

I would propose to improve LibreOffice Math. I hope I will post this
message to the right address. Please involve appropriate people who can
solve these questions I submit here.

*First proposal*
When inserting equation in Writer - there could be possible to put text
cursor directly between symbols I see in the show area. Then it would be
more direct way to edit equation

When using code window bottom of screen then there is very hard to
understand the syntax. For more advanced users it would be useful to have
edit the code but for beginners not.

This code editing window should definitely remain for advanced users but
for beginners I would propose to allow edit equation directly at show area
and this should be activated by default when starting to enter equation. I
also included PNG-image LibreOffice-Math_direct-edit.png for better

Also moving with arrow keys, TAB-key and also mouse between different
equation parts would be very appreciated.

Purpose is to dramatically increase equation entering efficiency, which
currently is approximately 10 times slower than with MS Word Equation

People will never get rid of that code window, which is for advanced users
and therefore should remain as is. Just some improvements for beginners
would be very appreciated.

*Second proposal*
Please include DMaths with LibreOffice - http://www.dmaths.org/ - there is
also English version.

This makes a lot easier to enter formulas and even stereometric figures
into LibreOffice. This will make a lot easier especiall beginners life like
math teachers who are struggling with LibreOffice Math currently.

I would propose to include DMaths as default extension since 4.2 and as
built-in since 4.3 of LibreOffice version.

Main reason - for math teachers is current LibreOffice math quite useless.
It takes too much time to enter equations, especially complex ones. But
they need to enter a lot of equations every day. Currently LibreOffice
takes much more time to enter compared with MS Word Equation Editor.

Behind me are millions of math teachers around the world who are expecting
much better user experience with LibreOffice Math.

Best Regards and thank you in advance,
Edmund Laugasson
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