[Libreoffice-qa] Firebird - creating auto-increment fails via Tools - SQL

Alex Thurgood alex.thurgood at gmail.com
Tue Dec 17 03:01:37 PST 2013

Le 15/12/2013 12:54, Robert Großkopf a écrit :

Hi Robert,

> This isn't the only thing which works in the external Firebird and
> doesn't work in the internal. There are also queries, which doesn't work
> and shows the
> "caused by 'isc_dsql_prepare'"
> fail.

Yes, I agree, but after having read your section in the Base Guide on
setting up a firebird db as an external datasource, I can safely say
that this is not something basic noob database users are going to be
doing any time soon. It might be OK and rational for people like you and
I, but the whole idea of integrating Firebird was to make it as capable,
or more capable than Hsqldb, without having to rely on Java and the
inherent data insecurity of embedded hsqldb. At present, it is easier to
set up an external hsqldb connection, or even an external H2 connection,
than it is to set up an external Firebird server and LO connection.

> So the internal Firebird works only, when you set "Enable experimental
> features". At this moment the old HSQLDB would work much better as the
> internal Firebird.

Agreed, and hopefully it will stay experimental until these basic user
issues are resolved.


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