[Libreoffice-qa] Bug Status NEW but Assigned to Someone - Please Change

David Tardon dtardon at redhat.com
Tue Jan 15 23:24:49 PST 2013


On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 02:46:11PM -0800, bfo wrote:
> I read this data as NEW backlog - nobody is interested in those reports.
> IMHO QA hard work to transform a bug into NEW state is pretty much wasted,
> as I consider NEW stated bugs as ready to start fixing...

There are only so many developers. And to fix a bug typically takes more
time than to triage it.

> We are in need of NEW triaging marathon. ASSIGN, RESOLVE or WONTFIX to clear
> the room for new NEW bugs...

I think explicitly setting a bug to ASSIGNED is pretty much pointless.
You cannot force a developer to start working on a bug just because he
has been assigned to it; on the other side, seeing that a bug is already
assigned might discourage others from taking it. Similarly, setting a
confirmed bug to WONTFIX just before nobody has fixed it in a certain
period of time (if we really do not want to/cannot fix it, it should
have already been marked appropriately during triage) brings us no
positive effect (except having smaller number of opened bugs--maybe).
One negative effect that immediately comes to mind is that all the
triaging work will need to be repeated from scratch the next time
someone reports the same bug. Therefore, the only possible reason for a
triaging marathon like you suggested is to identify (and dispose of)
bugs already fixed in the newest release (or, preferably, master).


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