[Libreoffice-qa] Minutes - QA Call 01/11/2013

Joel Madero jmadero.dev at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 09:43:33 PST 2013

*Time Start: 1400 UTC

Participants: Bjoern, Joel, Joren

*Completed Action Items
         +Version goes into comments from BSA [Rob]
         +Bugzilla OpenID or Alternatives [Bjoern]
             *No way to implement, no alternatives
         +Request money from BoD for QA Prizes [Bjoern]
         +Go through FDO wishlist and determine what we could use 
funding for [Bjoern]

*Pending Action Items
     -Old Bugs w/ No Activity
         *Florian missed this call, we want to give it one more meeting 
to discuss this, if no action by next meeting, removing from agenda
      -*ACTION*: Joel will email Florian to see if he will prepare a 
plan of some kind so we have a framework for discussion at next meeting
         *No change will occur, versions will represent oldest version 
that the bug has been seen
         **Agreed: *Good to add a message when a person tries to change 
version to a newer version
         **Action: *Bjoern will email Tolef about this
     -Funding Wishlist
         *Most of wishlist was infrastructure which has already been 

     -Localized test for French Community
         *Everything from QA is done, awaiting word from Sophie & Rob
     -*ACTION: *Joel will ping Rob in the coming two weeks to get update

+Twitter Feed
     -No Action
     -*Action: *Bjoern will investigate twitter feed

+QA Goals
     -Punt until after release of 4.0

     -Hold on these until after release of 4.0
     -*Action: *Joel will put a notice up on wiki

+Funding Wishlist
     -€2,000 requested by Bjoern from BoD
         *Use will be for things like prizes during triage contests or 
bug hunting parties.
     -We need to work out the details of how we'll ship and handle 
prizes, also how winners are determined
         **Action: *Joel will investigate shipping options since our 
base is worldwide.

+Triage Contest
     -Tentative date agreement around a pre-release of 4.1
     -Not enough time to get everything together for 4.0
     -*Action: *Joel will create a wiki by next call that has the “to 
do” list for the marathon

+Bibisect torrents & Mirrors
     -*Action: *Joel will ping Cloph about torrenting
     -*Action: *Bjoern will look into mirrors

**New Items*
     -QA & QA Team Wiki Needs Updated
         **Action: *Joren and Joel will update these pages
*        **Should be updated before triage contest

-Users violating FDO policies
**Agreed: *Someone should have the ability to both temporarily and 
permanently banusers from FDO for violating policies.
**Action: *Bjoern will e-mail Tolef to get these privileges for Joel
**Action: *Joel will write blog or wiki about FDO policies and how 
policies will be enforced.
-Will not publish until agreed upon at least by QA if not BoD/ESC
-UNCONFIRMED Bugs reported by Devs/Experienced QA Members
**Agreed: *These should be set to NEW automatically, assumed that they 
are in fact bugs. Comment should be added that tells reporter that if 
they want independent verification please ask and we will do it.
-Default Mime Type Setting
**Agreed: *Default should be auto
**Action: *Bjoern will get in touch with Tolef about this
-Status clarification (New vs. Reopened)
**Agreed: *Reopened should only be used if the bug is assigned
*Because of this agreement, modifications have to be made to our current 
-*Agreed: *NEEDINFO: Used only if most the information is there and the 
bug can be confirmed but additional information would be useful
Request that once information is provided, move bug to NEW not to 
-*Agreed: *INVALID: If bug cannot be confirmed with information and 
there just isn't enough information there to reproduce the bug, we will 
move to INVALID
Comment shouldn't ask user to change status once additional information 
is provided (if additional information is provided), instead QA member 
should change status once they can confirm bug.
*Currently there are 230+ REOPENED bugs which are not assigned, QA team 
will slowly get through these moving them to an appropriate status to 
reflect above agreement.
*-****Action: *All: Slowly get through this list LIST OF REOPENED NOT 
**Action: *Joel will keep metrics so that wedon't forget about this

*Action Items
-Make wiki for triage contest with to do list
-Contact Rob about localized BSA
-Add comment to HardHack wiki that says currently on hold
-Along with Joren will update QA and QA-Team Wiki
-E-Mail Florian to see if he can get an idea written out about old bugs
-Research shipping items for prizes
-Torrenting bibisect (contact Cloph)
-Create blog or wiki about FDO policies and enforcement procedure
-Metrics of REOPENED bugs until completed

-E-Mail Tolef about:
*Permissions for Joel
*Adding message when updating version
*Default mime type to “auto”
-Twitter Feed
-Mirrors for bibisect

-Along with Joel will update QA and QA-Team Wiki
-Will continue updating stats page

-Get through REOPENED unassigned bugs

Time End: 1505 UTC

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