[Libreoffice-qa] Minutes - QA Call 01/11/2013

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Mon Jan 21 02:47:48 PST 2013

bfo píše v Čt 17. 01. 2013 v 13:29 -0800:
> Hi!
> Please explain little more the following:
> jmadero wrote
> > -Status clarification (New vs. Reopened)
> > **Agreed: *Reopened should only be used if the bug is assigned
> - often Reopened status is used by the Reporters when bug is marked as
> INVALID, DUPLICATE or WFM, how this new policy will work for those? Will you
> introduce some Bugzilla checks preventing such transition?
> jmadero wrote
> > -*Agreed: *NEEDINFO: Used only if most the information is there and the 
> > bug can be confirmed but additional information would be useful
> > Request that once information is provided, move bug to NEW not to 
> > -*Agreed: *INVALID: If bug cannot be confirmed with information and 
> > there just isn't enough information there to reproduce the bug, we will 
> > move to INVALID
> > Comment shouldn't ask user to change status once additional information 
> > is provided (if additional information is provided), instead QA member 
> > should change status once they can confirm bug.
> Very often the bug can't be confirmed, some attachments or STRs are missing 
> - NEEDINFO was a perfect marking for such bugs after asking for additional
> info, also clearing UNCONFIRMED backlog. Now I should mark such bugs as
> INVALID? So, no babysitting policy implemented? This is a radical change. 
> Do we care about those reports and if yes how to differentiate between real
> INVALID requests (like bug clones etc.) and needing info INVALID bugs? By
> NEEDINFO keyword?

I share the bfo's doubts here. NEEDINFO is standard and polite way to
get more information when a bug is not reproducible.

I guess that the motivation for the new approach is to avoid a mass
close of bugs that are in NEEDINFO for too long time. Some people though
that the last mass close was too rude. IMHO, this immediate closing is
even more rude ;-)

IMHO, the mass close is better and valid solution. Could we please
reconsider this?

Best Regards,

PS: I am sorry that I missed the last QA call. I want to attend it this

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